The Christian Student Foundation is a student organization registered with Ball State's Office of Student life. CSF is also a non-profit organization registered with the State of Indiana.


The Christian Student Foundation is funded by the Christian Church and Church of Christ congregations throughout Indiana and individuals throughout the United States.


CSF is a member of the Association of College Ministries. Visit for more information. 



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What do we believe here at the Christian Campus House?​ 

God the Father created
the heavens, the earth & all living things 


God loves all people

and the world He made, sending Jesus to restore creation 


Jesus is God's Son,

the risen Lord and our Savior 

The Church is the body of Christ, 

Christians are placed in the Church by the Holy Spirit for worship, witness and ministry


God will judge

the living and the dead, the righteous into eternal life with God and the unrighteous into eternal punishment 

The Holy Spirit 

is our guide and helper in living as followers of Jesus


Each person has sinned,

but forgiveness and healing is available through faith in Jesus


The Bible is the Word of God,

the written authority for Christian faith