9 Arts of spiritual conversation

led by Ivory West & Molly Metcalfe

Join us for a deep dive into "how to walk alongside people who believe differently." Inspired by The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, a book by Mary Schaller and John Crilly, our weekly meetings will create a space for us to wrestle with the fear and awkwardness WE PLACE around opening our mouths about spiritual stuff. When radiant joy and passion should shine through in our interactions--we opt for awkwardness and fear. Why? Simply stated, we are broken and tend to make things much harder than they are. (Amen?) This study will take an extended look at Jesus' Ministry and how he engaged and loved on people. The 9 Arts include: The Art of Noticing, Praying, Listening, Asking Questions, Loving (that's a big one!), Welcoming, Facilitating, Serving Together, and Sharing. Who better to imitate than Jesus?


discipleship essentials

 led by Kyle Mann

We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus' pattern of disciplemaking was to be intimately involved with others.  Rubbing shoulders and doing life together.  By gathering in groups of three or four to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus' example with his disciples.


Having a Mary heart in a martha world

led by Cathy Jarrett & Emily Ebbert

An invitation for every person who’s ever felt he/she isn’t godly enough, isn’t loving enough, isn’t doing enough.  Like Mary, we long to sit at the Lord’s feet . . . but the daily demands of a busy world just won’t leave us alone.  Like Martha, we love Jesus and really want to serve him. . . yet we struggle with weariness, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy.  Then comes Jesus, into the midst of your busy life, to extend the same invitation he issued long ago to the two sisters from Bethany.  Tenderly, he invites us to choose “the better part” – a joyful intimacy with him that flows naturally into loving service.  Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World,  shows how all of us can draw closer to our Lord; deepening our devotion, strengthening our service, and doing both with less stress and greater joy.


The Minor Prohpets

led by Mark Pike

These books are found in the last section of the Old Testament before the Gospels begin with Matthew. They are called Minor Prophets because of their size rather than a lack of significance. There are twelve of these prophets, including books such as Jonah, Zechariah and Micah which are often quoted by New Testament writers. Each week, we will have an overview of the theme of the book and study key passages.

Following the way of jesus

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