Sunday Worship Service @ 11 am

Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 8 pm

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Worship services are led almost entirely by Ball State students.

Our worship services include congregational singing, preaching, reading the Bible, and weekly communion.

If you are a student with an interest in serving on worship team, there are many opportunities to get involved. We can help you find the right place to serve! Training is available for sound and projection. Attend a call-out meeting at the beginning of any semester, or contact one of our worship ministry assistants anytime to get plugged in. 





Worship Ministry 

We are a worship team based out of the Christian Campus House at Ball State University. As members of the Christian Student Foundation, we call the Christian Campus House "home." We are blessed with a building where we can worship, eat, and socialize; however, we do not believe that the church should be limited to one location.

In addition to our campus ministry, we have been able to serve the Muncie community. We have had the opportunity to lead worship for several different churches, youth retreats, etc. Initially nameless, we prayed for a name that would be intentional and appropriate for our mobile ministry.

"Beyond Borders" was born. 

We believe this phrase characterizes God's call. This call sends us beyond our comfort zones and into new spiritual territory. The call invites us to pursue God in and through all things. It reminds us that God is beyond anything we could ever comprehend.

The Bible is full of figures who were afraid to step outside their comfort zone to follow God's calling. But Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Gideon, and even the disciples were all called into the unknown to Jesus. We believe we are all invited just as they were to answer that call. No matter our background, God can use us. Coming from a variety of families, church cultures, and geographical locations, we have enjoyed using our gifts to connect with one another and give praise where it is rightfully due.







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